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Immigration Law Attorney San Jose - Deportation case

The Process of Removal

Immigration to the United States, often a lifelong dream for people around the world, can easily go horribly wrong if not handled correctly. Federal immigration laws are remarkably complex, and without legal assistance from an experienced San Jose immigration attorney at Capital Law Offices, it can be easy to find yourself in violation of laws and regulations. These violations could expose you to the risk of being selected for removal. Immigrants from all walks of life frequently experience the shock of learning that they are going to be deported due to mistakes that should have been avoided.

The first step of deportation is the notice to appear (NTA), which is issued by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This notice will contain general information both about you and the reasoning behind the deportation. Following this notice, there will be a scheduled hearing during which you will be asked whether you want to proceed or whether the hearing should be scheduled for a later date to give you time to secure the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Once you have retained legal representation, a hearing will be held to verify all information contained in the NTA. If confirmed, you can then file for a relief from removal decision, such as a cancellation of removal. If you are considered eligible for such relief, you can go through the hearings using documentary evidence and testimony in an attempt to turn the situation around in your favor. At the conclusion, the judge will decide to either grant relief or have you deported. If ordered to deport, you have the option to file an appeal.

Defending Immigrants Against Deportation

At Capital Law Offices, we understand the strain and emotional distress that can be caused by the threat of deportation. For many immigrants, the United States has become their home and they no longer feel a connection to their native country. Many people no longer have a home to return to in their country of origin. If you are determined to shield yourself from deportation, it is vital that you contact our San Jose immigration attorney as soon as possible. The process to fight deportation is lengthy and complicated, but not impossible. With the right legal assistance, you may be able to stay in America.

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